Losing only to Canada on penalty in the final of the inaugural CONCACAF Girls Under-15 Championship in 2014, the young Grenadier Girls (GGs) are getting ready to launch the assault again this morning versus Mexico to debut the tournament in Orlando, Florida where 23 teams divided into 5 groups of 5, 5, 5, 4, and 4 will clash starting at 9:00 AM.

Haiti is confident that the GGs who share the group of death with USA, Mexico, Trinidad and Dominican Republic will escape alive and make a run for the title. The team is very confident but this year tournament is a different ball game. Haiti’s first opponent is Mexico, a favorite in its own right to win the tournament. However, the biggest threat is from the host itself. Powerhouse USA skipped the inaugural tournament in Caiman Island in 2014 to focus on the Girls Under-17 but this year the Americans have made it clear that they intend to win the title with a strong squad to level the score with their fellow North American rival Canada. Trinidad has had some decent youth teams in the past few years and the Dominican Republic is slowly bur surely establishing itself as a football nation in the Caribbean. Although Haiti is expected to see off the Caribbean challengers, the GGs should not overlook them. This is a 5 team group and the most unexpected surprises can happen.

Ironically, all the remaining serious contenders are lumped together in Group B forming a second group of death. Defending champion Canada will not have an easy path as it shares the group with Costa Rica, Venezuela, Jamaica, and El Salvador. In this group El Salvador is probably the weakest link.

Group C with Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Saint Lucia, Grenada, St-Vincent is wide open. Group D counts Barbados, US Virgin Island, Curacao, Anguilla and Group E has Bermuda, Bahamas, Caiman Island, Antigua. Besides Puerto Rico in Group C which lost to Haiti in 2014, the other teams are not expected to trouble the teams from groups A and B.


Haiti Schedule

8/9/2016 – Haiti vs Mexico (11:00 AM)

8/12/2016 – Haiti vs USA (11:00 AM)

8/13/2016 – Haiti vs Trinidad (9:00 AM)

8/15/2016 – Haiti vs Dom Rep (9:00)

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