The former head coach Marc Collat who resigned his job in December 2015 now wants it back. Collat signed a 2 year contract with the FHF in 2014 but despite some mild success during the Gold Cup 2015 the French coach fell short of most of his promises. At the time of his resignation Haiti’s dream of a return to the World Cup in 2018 was already almost dead. Back to back loss to regional rival Jamaica started some mutinies within the team.

A return of the former coach Marc Collat is not out of the question. According to Keke Vieri of Haiti Tempo, Jean-Bart revealed that Marc Collat contacted the FHF to express his interest in becoming once again Haiti’s head coach after his compatriot Patrice Neveu walked away from the position claiming that he had not been paid for several months. However, money is probably not issue. Patrice Neveu is widely unpopular with the Haitian supporters and the FHF  which is fighting for its own credibility reportedly offered him three month in exchange for his resignation but the French coach rejected the offer.

Collat had a bit more success than Neveu during his tenure especially at the Gold Cup 2015. However, he too left the national team because of overall poor results. After a string of defeats and growing discontent among the supporters, Marc Collat angrily resigned his position of head coach blaming his shortcomings on what he called Haitian ‘innate nature to be undisciplined’. The comment was widely considered racist and ethnophobic considering that despite working with the national team the French coach rarely traveled to the country. It is important to notice that Yves Jean-Bart in his letter to acknowledge Collat’s resignation never addressed the controversial issue itself.

In the correspondence, Jean-Bart seems to clearly indicate which way the wind is blowing. “He admits that he loves our national team a lot”, Jean-Bart declared probably in attempt to repackage Marc Collat. 


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