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Stiverne Bermane - A second chance for the former Haitian heavyweight champion of the world

Stiverne Bermane will have a second shot at Deontay Wilder who routed the former heavyweight champion in a lopsided fight in 2015. The fight is scheduled to take place at Barclays Center, Brooklyn on 4 November this year for Wilder's WBC world heavyweight title.

Stiverne Bermane (25-2-1) has been relatively inactive since losing his belt to Wilder in an unexpectedly lopsided fight that the power puncher Haitian would want to erase from his record. He only fought one other dull bout since losing his belt to Wilder. However, he did not impress much which prompt many analysts to question whether he can regain his world title versus Deontay Wilder (38-1-0), the younger, hungrier, and bigger opponent.

However, no other fighters who have crossed Wilder's path so far have presented a bigger threat than the durable Stiverne Bermane, a native of La Plaine, Haiti. Unlike most of Wilder's other opponents, Bermane is a real threat with his punching power, overall boxing skills, and a strong chin. As his boxing alias "B-Ware" suggests, getting knockout is a real twelve-round possibility when fighting Stiverne Bermane especially since the fighter himself can take a punch and still remain standing and capable of striking back with huge  power. In fact, despite dominating the fight, Wilder was forced to go the distance for the first time in his career. Interestingly, it turned out that Stiverne was in no condition to fight because of dehydration and immediate required medical attention after the fight.  

We all hope that Stiverne Bermane will redeem himself on 4 November and bring us back the WBC world heavyweight title.

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