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Stiverne Bermane goes for heavyweight world title

The former Haitian heavyweight champion of the world Stiverne Bermane (25-2-1, 21 knockouts) is set to fight Deontay Wilder (38-0, 37knockouts) for the WBC on 4 November almost 2 years since losing it to the American and media favorite in January 2015 by unanimous decision. The Haitian fighter wants to crash the party that is being prepared in the U.K. for the potential clash between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua and claim his belt back.

Bermane is no stranger to being treated as the underdog. An outsider of the American boxing world despite being a longtime resident of the states and having won fights by spectacular knocouts, Bermane has never been a favorite of the country's media. He is often cast as a Canadian or Haitian fighter, in reference to his previously adopted country and country of birth, respectively. The media bias was on full display in the buildup of Bermane's first fight against Chris Areola in 2013 whom every American commentator picked to easily dispatched the Haitian fighter who ,however, was coming from a knockout victory over the then American hope Ray Austin. Stiverne dominated Areola and knocked him out. Despite the performance, the media continued to consider Areola the favorite in the rematch a year later. Again, the Haitian fighter demolished the challenger with yet another knockout win. 

Regardless of the media's bias, Bermane will face a huge task to reclaim his belt against Deontay Wilder who enjoys many advantages over the challenger. Wilder is a giant who is almost half a foot taller than the Haitian. And height is not his only advantage. At 32, he is 6 years younger and clearly in his prime. Both fighters are known for their power but Wilder may have a slight advantage as his 37 knockout wins indicate. In fact, Bermane is the only fighter Wilder failed to knockout in his 38 professional bouts.

The threat of an early stoppage by the referee and bad decisions by the officials in the event the fight goes the distance should also be a concern for the Haitian fighter. The reason is because not only Wilder is the favorite local fighter but many stakeholders would lose big if Wilders is defeated or even injured during the fight. This fight is supposed to make Wilder looks good for the big showdown between the American fighter and England's Anthony Joshua, the two men who are considered the best fighters in the heavyweight divisons. If Bermane wins, almost everyone in the boxing business loses from America to the United Kingdoms. In fact,  Anthony Joshua and his team are already making plan to fight Wilder.

However, overlooking the former champion could turn out to be a huge mistake. Bermane is a durable fighter who has fought off the canvas many times before to win. In fact, despite being dehydrated and clearly out of shape, the fighter went 12 long rounds against Wilder in 2015 landing some great shots of his own. A fitter Bermane will definitely make it a much closer fight.

It is no secret that Bermane has as much of a chance as putting his opponents to sleep with one shot as Wilder does. Both guys are killer punchers but Wilder is known for his sloppy defense, which becomes obvious even to the untrained eyes in the middle and late rounds. Wilder is more of a puncher with little regard for defense since he is usually so much taller and bigger than his opponents. Bermane on the other hand, is a puncher but also a fighter with a decent defense and a good chin. A fit and healthy Bermane has a great chance to dethrone the American champion and ruin the plan for a U.K. party to which he has not been invited.

Haiti Sports is 100% behind you, Bermane. Vide koutpwen sou yo!


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