Erickson Lubin - First world title opportunity for the Haitian-American boxer

The young Haitian fighter will challenge the unbeaten and current champion Jemell Charlo (29-0, 14 knockouts). The fight will take place tonight at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York and live on Showtime. 

Most other challengers in the welterweight and super welterweight divisions would be considered underdogs versus the 27 year old Charlo. However, most boxing experts will tell that is not the case for the 22 year old 2016 prospect Erickson Lubin (18-0, 13 knockouts) who has faced some solid competitions in his young career. Lubin, alias The Hammer, is a knock-out artist who has beaten some other big punchers like Jorge Cota and Daniel Sandoval. Charlo, on the other hand, is a sleek but aggressive fighter with decent power that has sent crashing to the mat 14 of his 29 opponents.

Although the last name Charlo sounds Haitian, the fighter and his brother Jermall, also a reigning champion,  are not of recent Haitian origin. However the twin brothers were born in Lafayette, Louisiana which makes it likely that they have Haitian ancestry. Many Haitians settled in the old French colony of Louisiana after the Haiti independence war and their influence can still be observed in the traditional architecture of the region, the cuisiane, the Creole language, the folklore, and even the carnival for which the state is well-known. 

Erickson Lubin, on the other, is a Haitian fighter born in Florida. His parents are Eric and Marjorie Lubin who were both born in Haiti.

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Haiti-Goal replied the topic: #194 4 months 3 days ago
He got knocked out on his first try to connect a real punch. One short right and he was out. I have been following him since he turned pro and I believe I watch all his fights. He has power but I always questioned his defense and his chin. In my opinion, at the top level, you need to be able to take a punch. You are not going to beat a guy like Charlo without getting hit yourself.
The same thing happened to Trout last night. He started out great connecting well but he cannot take a punch. His legs were spaghettis every time he get tagged.
If you cannot take a punch, every time you stand your ground to trade, you lose even if you outland your opponent 10 to 1. The trouble is you cannot win a boxing fight by landing any punches.

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