Haiti and Quebec stand behind Stiverne Bermane

The odds are against Stiverne Bermane in his bout against American heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder tonight at 9:00 PM but all Haiti will stand behind the proud native of Plaine-du-Nord. The challenger was born in Haiti but as a longtime resident of Quebec, he won silver and bronze medals for Canada at amateur world championships before he turned professional and became the first Haiti-born heavyweight world champion. Bermane will seek to regain his belt that he lost to Wilder in 2015 and derail the new boxing order in the heavyweight division. Can he do it?

The American champion has all the imaginable boxing advantages on his side. He is the younger fighter, the bigger and taller guy, is fighting at home, has the name recognition, and almost every stakeholder in the boxing business from venue managers to television commentators stand to gain in a Wilder victory. In fact, everyone expects and wants him to win and fight Anthony Joshua next. His 37 knockouts out of just 38 fights and lopsided victory over Bermane in 2015 suggest that is exactly what is going to happen.

However, we believe Bermane can upset Wilder and we hope he does. Bermane has been  in this situation before when the biased American sport media and live commentators gave him no chance of winning yet he proved them wrong. Unlike many of Wilder's former opponents, Bermane is a legitimate contender with the gut, the chin, the skills, and the power to end a fight at any moment. It won't be easy but we firmly stand behind our guy.

Allez, Bermane! We love you.

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