UFC - Ovince Saint-Preux won by Von Flue Choke

Ovince Saint-Preux has recorded another impressive win by Von Flue choke when he forced his opponent Yushin Okami in a light heavyweight bout in Japan on 22 September 2017. The Haitian fighter is known in the martial arts world as a specialist of this rare submission technique.


For the non-initiated, a Von Flue choke is probably the rarest submission move in the Ultimate Fighting Championship history. The move was first recorded in 2006 by Jason Von Flue and has since been known as Von Flue Choke. It has since been performed just 5 times including last night submission. 

The Von Flue choke is a defense-attack move to counter the more frequently seen guillotine choke which in Haiti we call étranglement par guillotine'  (French) or 'klekou' (Creole). In the video, Saint-Preux moved to the right side of his opponent after a take-down and positioned his left shoulder and arm over Okami's exposed neck causing the Japanese fighter to pass out.

Interestingly, Saint-Preux has now performed 3 of the only 5 successful Von Flue chokes in history. One is great, 2 is astonishing but three is priceless.

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