Haiti to play League of Nations in 2018

If everything goes as planned Haiti and all other CONCACAF countries may be looking forward to a busy 2018 when the region's League of Nations will debut. As if that is not enough football, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is also pushing for a Global League of Nations that will provide even more competitions for the national team.

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80 replied the topic: #260 2 weeks 5 days ago
Nazon lacks the penetration power of Sanon and Peguero. Sanon and Peguero were way faster. We almost never saw Sanon or Peguero having to stop to dribble a defender who is coming from behind because the defender was closing the gap. We saw defenders outrun Nazon before. In fact Nazon is probably one of the slowest guys in the current team. That being said, Nazon is progressing at a fast pace. He is never going to be as fast or powerful as Peguero and Sanon were but he compensates his slowness with a good doses of dribbling skills and his own shooting power is decent. We don't know if what were seeing of Nazon is his prime but if he progresses just a bit more, we may soon be celebrating another Sanon in the team.
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80 replied the topic: #259 2 weeks 5 days ago
We need to be careful with the stats here. Yes, Golman was a good scorer but he didnt play the top teams of CONCACAF much. Most of Golman' s goals were against lowly Caribbean teams. He also did not stay long enough in the national team to really make his mark.

Sanon is another story. Most of his goals are against top CONCACAF teams. Besides remember Sanon did what a real striker should do. He took his team to the world cup.

Peguero is another good striker who I would rank ahead of Golman. Most of his goals are against real competitions. But he comes behind Sanon because while in his prime he failed to take Haiti to even the hex.

Nazon does not yet show the level of scoring skills of Sanon or Peguero but he is getting a lot better at just 23. He failed the first WCQ but he is going to have a chance to redeem himself next year.

Maurice was a decent scorer but besides the two goals versus Trinidad and 1 versus El Salvador almost all his goals were versus little Caribbean teams. He failed two WCQ.

Kervens is similar to Maurice. He did score against a couple top teams in friendly games but that was before he turned 20.

Jeff, Norde are the worst scorers among the guys who have played in a forward position recently.

Finally, if I were to rank past and present strikers I would have Sanon, Peguero, Nazon, Golman, Belfort, Maurice. I do not mean Nazon is better than Golman who was obviously a more powerful scorer. The difference as I said is that Golman did not stay long enough in the national team.
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Tini_man replied the topic: #257 2 weeks 5 days ago
It's not clear what you're asking here but Haiti all time scoring leader is Goldman Pierre not Manno Sanon surprisingly. Goldman Pierre / Pierre Goldman name has been written two different ways in the Haitian record book which split his goal scoring total over the years.. but Both are the same player
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Exfootballer07 replied the topic: #256 2 weeks 5 days ago
Hey Tini. An you once again tell me who’s the leading scorer for the national team I know once you mention a name but it was Manno Sanon
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Tini_man replied the topic: #255 2 weeks 6 days ago
The only thing that could hurt Caribbean football is the qualification to the gold cup. This new format will replace Central-Caribbean game qualifications for the Gold cup. What it really mean: The USA, Canada and Mexico will have automatic berth as usual. Lets assume behind the US, Mexico and Canada, the top 8 finishers from the tournament will qualify(If my qualifying prediction is correct)
Most of the top 8 will likely to be dominated by Central Caribbean teams
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Haiti-Goal replied the topic: #254 3 weeks 33 minutes ago
As is, Surinam and DR would be promoted to the top division while Nica and Curacao would go down.
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Haiti-Goal replied the topic: #253 3 weeks 38 minutes ago
I like it but I suspect the big 3 will want a smaller number of teams for the top division. Also, I do think the current Bermuda team is better than Puerto Rico, Aruba, and possibly Belize. Remember their U17 and U20 was very competitive. If they know what they're doing they should have a decent team.
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Tini_man replied the topic: #252 3 weeks 3 hours ago
Hi Guys, a poster from the Reggaeboyz website suggested the following format for the new league of nations and I happen to agree with it. What do you guys think?

My top division of 14 would be:

Division 1

Costa Rica
El Salvador

Division 2

St Kitts and Nevis
Antigua and Barbuda
Puerto Rico
St. Vincent and Grenadines
Dominican Republic

Division 3

Cayman Islands
British VI
Turks and Caicos
Sint Marteen
St. Lucia

Note: If French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe participate things change.

Haiti 1 United Arab Emirates 0

Determined to avoid past mistakes and poor showings that led to his unceremonious sack in 2015, Marc Collat starts his new contract pilling up positive results and for this one he was helped with an own goal forced by Duckens Nazon in the 25th minute after a decisive pass from the unavoidable Kevin Lafrance, Haiti scored the only goal of the match to conclude a successful Asian tour following a 3-3 draw with Japan a few weeks ago. 

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Haiti to play United Arab Emirates on 10 Novembre 2017

After a better than expected result in Japan where the national team came close to walk away with a win over the host, Haiti will continue its Asian adventure by taking on former world cup participant United Arab Emirates on 10 November 2017. This will be the first time the Grenadiers will meet the Western Asia's team.

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capois replied the topic: #223 1 month 4 days ago
Not sure Hai vs UAE will happen. First they were scheduled to play Egypt on the 9 but that is cancelled. According to FIFA, they will play Uzbekistan on the 13. So it is possible for them to play us on the 10 then 3 days later play Uzbekistan but for a team that is preparing for nothing I would not be surprised if they cancel the Haiti match.

Really, I don't quite see the benefit of a friendly with us. I am just being practical.
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Tini_man replied the topic: #221 1 month 6 days ago
I love the return of CHJ. He never had a bad game for the NT. I think they should have kept Madoche on the team. Tiga can't be left off the team for that long. Marc colat need one more blooper from Goureux to be convinced that he doesn't have any more. Let him have his way. They should have given Ceus the opportunity to play this game.
Haiti-Goal's Avatar
Haiti-Goal replied the topic: #220 1 month 1 week ago
Additionally, if they do give CHJ playing time and they do play him in his natural role then we need tall strikers to take advantage of CHJ's free and corner kicks. Yes we still have Andrew and Lafrance but we will still need a couple more tall guys in attack.
Haiti-Goal's Avatar
Haiti-Goal replied the topic: #219 1 month 1 week ago
They added Jonel Desire to the list. I actually prefer Babalito and Paloulou over Jonel. Those guys are more likely to score and they have both outscored Jonel in the local league.

Don't get me wrong. I do not mean Jonel is not worthy. He is a young player and he has done fairly well the few times we played him. However, the other two guys we are ignoring are bigger, stronger, and more talented. Honestly all three should have been in the national team.

That being said this is the first time that the majority of players in the national team are players who may not be the best choices but they at least good enough to be in the team. beside Alceus and Goreux everyone else is a go for me. I agree with the article.

I think Duckens, Etienne, Sanon, Sprangers are good upcoming strikers but the group need at least one tall guy like Babalito since Kervens is apparently out of the team for good.

Jeaux de la Francophonie - Was it a joke?

The politic of 'pito nou lèd, nou la' (better be there than not) continues in full mode and Haiti's participation at the Francophone Games was no different. Nobody expected any of the Haitian athletes to win a medal, not even the minister of sport and culture that supposedly in charge of making sure that Haiti is well-represented within the cultural and sport events concocted to turn France's legacy of colonization and slavery into some sort of cultural jubilation.

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Caribbean Football - A poor man sport!

The sub-region of CONCACAF has produced some world class players like Emmanuel Sanon (Haiti), Russell Latapy and Dwight York (Trinidad), Marius Tresor and Jocelyn Angloma (Guadeloupe) just to name a few. Unfortunately football itself remains largely a poor man's sport. Very few Caribbean players can survive on earned income from playing football in the region. The richest leagues are those of Trinidad, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Dominican Republic but none can afford to pay a living salary to the players. At the international level, the competitions organized by the Caribbean Football Union are even poorer due to a lack of sponsorships.  

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