Haiti to play United Arab Emirates on 10 Novembre 2017

After a better than expected result in Japan where the national team came close to walk away with a win over the host, Haiti will continue its Asian adventure by taking on former world cup participant United Arab Emirates on 10 November 2017. This will be the first time the Grenadiers will meet the Western Asia's team.

Marc Collat, the newly appointed coach for a period of one year, has made very changes to the team that played Japan to a 3-3 draw. He drops Herve Bazile, Odelus Valendi, Mardochee Pompe, and add public favorite Charles Herold Junior. Like during his first tenure as the coach from 2013 to 2015, Collat apparently continues to favor Reginald Goreux over Jean Sony Alcenat disregarding the concern of the supporters. Reginald Goreux, once a very much liked player, has become one of the least favorite players in the national team following a number of gross errors in defense with devastating consequences.

Another controversial presence in the team is that of Brian Alceus who does not deserve a cap according to most observers. It is also important to notice the absence of Donald Guerrier who is mourning the death of his daughter and that of Sony Norde despite a triumphal return to India which is not too far from the Emirates. However, Norde's presence would have also been controversial since the player had done little in recent years to justify a call-up.

However, with a little tweaking like replacing the two most controversial players in the roster with players like Ricardo Ade, Jean Sony Alcenat, and Babalito the national team would be more dynamic and competitive. 

The players who will travel with the coach for the friendly versus the Emirates:


Johny Placide

Josue Duverger



Mechack Jerome

Andrew Jean Baptiste

Jems Geffrard

Carlens Arcus

Alex Christian Jr

Reginal Goreux



Kevin Lafrance

Bryan Alceus

Renald Metellus

Zachary Heriveaux

Herold Charles Jr

Brian Alceus



Duckens Nazon

Derrick Etienne

Richelor Sprangers

Jimmy Sanon


Head Coach: Marc Colat

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capois's Avatar
capois replied the topic: #223 3 months 1 week ago
Not sure Hai vs UAE will happen. First they were scheduled to play Egypt on the 9 but that is cancelled. According to FIFA, they will play Uzbekistan on the 13. So it is possible for them to play us on the 10 then 3 days later play Uzbekistan but for a team that is preparing for nothing I would not be surprised if they cancel the Haiti match.

Really, I don't quite see the benefit of a friendly with us. I am just being practical.
Tini_man's Avatar
Tini_man replied the topic: #221 3 months 1 week ago
I love the return of CHJ. He never had a bad game for the NT. I think they should have kept Madoche on the team. Tiga can't be left off the team for that long. Marc colat need one more blooper from Goureux to be convinced that he doesn't have any more. Let him have his way. They should have given Ceus the opportunity to play this game.
Haiti-Goal's Avatar
Haiti-Goal replied the topic: #220 3 months 1 week ago
Additionally, if they do give CHJ playing time and they do play him in his natural role then we need tall strikers to take advantage of CHJ's free and corner kicks. Yes we still have Andrew and Lafrance but we will still need a couple more tall guys in attack.
Haiti-Goal's Avatar
Haiti-Goal replied the topic: #219 3 months 1 week ago
They added Jonel Desire to the list. I actually prefer Babalito and Paloulou over Jonel. Those guys are more likely to score and they have both outscored Jonel in the local league.

Don't get me wrong. I do not mean Jonel is not worthy. He is a young player and he has done fairly well the few times we played him. However, the other two guys we are ignoring are bigger, stronger, and more talented. Honestly all three should have been in the national team.

That being said this is the first time that the majority of players in the national team are players who may not be the best choices but they at least good enough to be in the team. beside Alceus and Goreux everyone else is a go for me. I agree with the article.

I think Duckens, Etienne, Sanon, Sprangers are good upcoming strikers but the group need at least one tall guy like Babalito since Kervens is apparently out of the team for good.

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