Haiti to play League of Nations in 2018

If everything goes as planned Haiti and all other CONCACAF countries may be looking forward to a busy 2018 when the region's League of Nations will debut. As if that is not enough football, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is also pushing for a Global League of Nations that will provide even more competitions for the national team.

In response to a proposal by UEFA to create a league between its associations that will last 2 years and literally wipe out the need and availability of European teams for friendlies with teams from outside the confederation, CONCACAF has decided to play its own League of Nations with all its 41 members. Smaller football teams such as Bahamas and Dominican Republic who rarely play 4 competitive matches a year will greatly profit from this year-long tournament.

Players from local leagues will be the biggest winners of this new tournament. Foreign clubs will find it hard to comply with the mandatory releases of players for national team duties on FIFA dates and we can expect some of them to sign less foreign players or request that their contracted players to reject national team's calls. Thus, more local players will be capped.

It is believed that the League of Nations will not benefit much the big three Mexico, USA, and Costa Rica who will miss out on playing high profile and competitive friendlies versus top European teams. However, as explained above, those friendlies will be gone anyway since the European teams will not be available. 

UEFA's proposal for a global league of nations will allow teams from a confederation to play competitively against their counterparts from the rest of the world, thus eliminating the need for friendlies and providing smaller teams a chance to participate and win international titles.

CONCACAF's League of Nations will closely ressemble that of UEFA with several divisions which will be determined based on FIFA ranking. In CONCACAF Haiti is highly ranked therefore we expect the country to be in the top division. This means that in 2018 Haiti may face Mexico, USA, Costa Rica and the like each twice. However, where Haiti will fall in the UEFA's 7 division league is everyone's guess.

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80 replied the topic: #260 2 weeks 5 days ago
Nazon lacks the penetration power of Sanon and Peguero. Sanon and Peguero were way faster. We almost never saw Sanon or Peguero having to stop to dribble a defender who is coming from behind because the defender was closing the gap. We saw defenders outrun Nazon before. In fact Nazon is probably one of the slowest guys in the current team. That being said, Nazon is progressing at a fast pace. He is never going to be as fast or powerful as Peguero and Sanon were but he compensates his slowness with a good doses of dribbling skills and his own shooting power is decent. We don't know if what were seeing of Nazon is his prime but if he progresses just a bit more, we may soon be celebrating another Sanon in the team.
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80 replied the topic: #259 2 weeks 5 days ago
We need to be careful with the stats here. Yes, Golman was a good scorer but he didnt play the top teams of CONCACAF much. Most of Golman' s goals were against lowly Caribbean teams. He also did not stay long enough in the national team to really make his mark.

Sanon is another story. Most of his goals are against top CONCACAF teams. Besides remember Sanon did what a real striker should do. He took his team to the world cup.

Peguero is another good striker who I would rank ahead of Golman. Most of his goals are against real competitions. But he comes behind Sanon because while in his prime he failed to take Haiti to even the hex.

Nazon does not yet show the level of scoring skills of Sanon or Peguero but he is getting a lot better at just 23. He failed the first WCQ but he is going to have a chance to redeem himself next year.

Maurice was a decent scorer but besides the two goals versus Trinidad and 1 versus El Salvador almost all his goals were versus little Caribbean teams. He failed two WCQ.

Kervens is similar to Maurice. He did score against a couple top teams in friendly games but that was before he turned 20.

Jeff, Norde are the worst scorers among the guys who have played in a forward position recently.

Finally, if I were to rank past and present strikers I would have Sanon, Peguero, Nazon, Golman, Belfort, Maurice. I do not mean Nazon is better than Golman who was obviously a more powerful scorer. The difference as I said is that Golman did not stay long enough in the national team.
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Tini_man replied the topic: #257 2 weeks 5 days ago
It's not clear what you're asking here but Haiti all time scoring leader is Goldman Pierre not Manno Sanon surprisingly. Goldman Pierre / Pierre Goldman name has been written two different ways in the Haitian record book which split his goal scoring total over the years.. but Both are the same player
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Exfootballer07 replied the topic: #256 2 weeks 5 days ago
Hey Tini. An you once again tell me who’s the leading scorer for the national team I know once you mention a name but it was Manno Sanon
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Tini_man replied the topic: #255 2 weeks 6 days ago
The only thing that could hurt Caribbean football is the qualification to the gold cup. This new format will replace Central-Caribbean game qualifications for the Gold cup. What it really mean: The USA, Canada and Mexico will have automatic berth as usual. Lets assume behind the US, Mexico and Canada, the top 8 finishers from the tournament will qualify(If my qualifying prediction is correct)
Most of the top 8 will likely to be dominated by Central Caribbean teams
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Haiti-Goal replied the topic: #254 3 weeks 23 minutes ago
As is, Surinam and DR would be promoted to the top division while Nica and Curacao would go down.
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Haiti-Goal replied the topic: #253 3 weeks 28 minutes ago
I like it but I suspect the big 3 will want a smaller number of teams for the top division. Also, I do think the current Bermuda team is better than Puerto Rico, Aruba, and possibly Belize. Remember their U17 and U20 was very competitive. If they know what they're doing they should have a decent team.
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Tini_man replied the topic: #252 3 weeks 3 hours ago
Hi Guys, a poster from the Reggaeboyz website suggested the following format for the new league of nations and I happen to agree with it. What do you guys think?

My top division of 14 would be:

Division 1

Costa Rica
El Salvador

Division 2

St Kitts and Nevis
Antigua and Barbuda
Puerto Rico
St. Vincent and Grenadines
Dominican Republic

Division 3

Cayman Islands
British VI
Turks and Caicos
Sint Marteen
St. Lucia

Note: If French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe participate things change.

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