Haiti Women's U-20: New campaign for the girls

The U-20 has launched a new campaign after the disastrous past two years where all Haitian teams were eliminated from the major regional tournaments. The girls are currently facing Anguilla and the score is already approaching double digits. This type of encounters in the preliminary rounds are more like sparring sessions since the Caribbean teams are very unequal. Cuba already beat Dominica 10-0 and we expect Haiti dispatch Anguilla with an even bigger score. 

All 4 teams are trying to earn the only berth to the second round or finals in St-Kitts and Nevis in November. The teams forming the other two groups are host Bermuda, Jamaica, and Curacao in group B and host Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bonaire, and Antigua. The favorites are certainly the usual suspects Haiti and Jamaica. However, with JoAnnie Ramos and 9 other US-based players in its roster, Puerto Rico will probably seek to fight fire with fire, especially versus bitter rival Dominican Republic.

Nerilia Mondesir who plays pro at Monpellier in France will lead the girls. The phenomenal Haitian striker is favorite to win the golden boot of the tournament.

Update: Haiti 16, Anguilla 0.

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Tini_man's Avatar
Tini_man replied the topic: #266 2 months 2 weeks ago
Rumors has it , it was exactly that..they did pas around the ball around midfield and in the back field rather than penetrate to equalize when they were behind..
capois's Avatar
capois replied the topic: #263 2 months 3 weeks ago
Ki tiebreak la? M panse medam yo fe ekspre yo pedi devan Jamayik pou yo ka pa ale nan group lanmo a.
Tini_man's Avatar
Tini_man replied the topic: #258 2 months 3 weeks ago
Haiti u-20 is demolishing the host St Kitts

First half , Haiti 8 St Kitts ( Host) 0

Final Haiti 12 St Kitts 0
capois's Avatar
capois replied the topic: #234 3 months 1 week ago
Haiti will qualify but what happens next is everyone's guess thoguh
Tini_man's Avatar
Tini_man replied the topic: #230 3 months 1 week ago
At this point , it is safe to say Haiti has the best youth soccer program in the Caribbean on both sides of the coin ( Males/females). Why, we are repeated Caribbean champion and have at least occupied the top 4 spots in the Caribbean for the past10 years at the u-17 and and u-20 level. I don't see why we wouldn't make it out St Kitts, even with a lost to Jamaica...
Boubounay 's Avatar
Boubounay replied the topic: #229 3 months 1 week ago
Ala neg kapon papa loll
Men Ayiti dwe bat St Kitts lakay li, epi bat Jamayik oubyen Sen Domeng. Sinon mwen sispek nou ka pa menm kalifye menm,

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