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TOPIC: Jeaux de la Francophonie - Was it a joke?

Jeaux de la Francophonie - Was it a joke? 6 months 2 weeks ago #58

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The politic of 'pito nou lèd, nou la' (better be there than not) continues in full mode and Haiti's participation at the Francophone Games was no different. Nobody expected any of the Haitian athletes to win a medal, not even the minister of sport and culture that supposedly in charge of making sure that Haiti is well-represented within the cultural and sport events concocted to turn France's legacy of colonization and slavery into some sort of cultural jubilation.

Honestly, if any country that had the misfortune of falling under France's influence had a good reason never to participate in such mascaraderie  it has to be none other than Haiti which still carries deep scars delicately carved by France to seal the fate of the nation for centuries to come. Haiti, unlike any other former French countries that were once under French influence, had to wage one of the most bloody war in the history of humankind to free its people from French slavery and colonial rules. Even after the war, France made sure that Haiti never recovered by threatening wars and imposing heavy sanctions on the nation! Additionally, Haiti does not enjoy any real camaraderie with any French-speaking country. France itself has a very small Haitian community and the other French-speaking countries in Europe has nearly no contacts with Haiti. The majority of French-Speaking countries are in Africa but none of those countries maintain any serious political or cultural relationships with Haiti. So why did we have to cross to the Atlantic Ocean to go to games?

History and politics aside, Haiti had no business participating in the Francophone Games. None of the athletes we sent to the games are at the level where we can expect them to win even a bronze medal. For example, we were represented by athletes in natation but we do not even have a real natation facility in Haiti! Needless to say, no one in Haiti even knows how to evaluate a natation athlete let alone choosing a team that can truly compete versus athletes from France and Canada. As expected, nobody from any disciplines even came close to winning a medal. 

The Haiti U-20 national team fell in the first round with zero win pocketing only 1 point in three matches. Remember, flying to Africa from Haiti can easily cost a small fortune because there are no direct flight between Haiti and any of its so-called fellow Francophonie members. 

The presence of Haiti at the Francophone games can only be explained by the politic of pito nou lèd, nou la. We did not go there to win medals, we did not go there to make friends, we did not go there to gain any valuable experience. We went there just to be there! 

However, the biggest disappointment for Haiti's participation at the games is that they are sport and cultural events that nobody care about!


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