Is Donald Guerrier the first Haitian to play the UEFA Champions League?

It has been erroneously reported on many local and social media that Donald Guerrier 6-0 defeat with Azerbaijani club Qarabag FK versus Chelsea FC is a milestone in Haitian football. Unfortunately, the former America des Cayes player has been preceded by many other players who hailed from Haiti.

From 1974 to 1980, Emmanuel Sanon, a former player of Don Bosco, was an imposing figure at the Belgian club Beerschot VAC. He led his club to the UEFA Winner's Cup in the 1979. On 19 September 1979, Sanon played 60 minutes in the team 0-0 tie versus Croacian club Rijeka. Unfortunately, Sanon was released for the second match which Beerschot lost 2-1. 

What is the UEFA Winner's Cup? It was somewhat the equivalent of what the UEFA Champion Cup is today. The competition as it was known existed from 1960 to 1999 before it was merged into the UEFA Cup (later renamed UEFA Europa League) while the European Cup was renamed UEFA Champions Cup in 1992. From 1972 to 1999, the champions of the Winner's Cup and the European Cup played each other to determine the winner of the UEFA Super Cup. Confused yet?

As you can see, the UEFA Champions League in its current form is a fairly new competition. The top European tournaments have been rebranded and the UEFA Champions League emerged as the most prestigious club tournament in the world. Is Donald Guerrier the first to reach it since the rebranding?

Wagneau Eloi left Haiti at the age of 9 to migrate to France. In 1999, he joined AS Monaco FC to replace Thierry Henry who had left the club earlier. Eloi played twice at the 2000-01 season of the UEFA Champions' league. He later returned to Haiti and became a player-coach for the national team in 2008.

Reginald Goreux, born in Haiti in 1987, has played many UEFA Champions League games with the Standard Liege. He had first cracked into the top European league in 2010 when he was 22. Goreux has in fact played in all major European championships except the Euros. He is so far the most successful player from Haiti that we know of in the history of the Champions League since Goreux had reached the tournament's quarterfinals. The crafty defender is a current player of the Haiti national team. 

Jeff Louis, former player of AS Mirbalais and current striker of the Haiti national team, played the UEFA Champions League in 2014 where his Belgian club Standard Liege lost 1-0 and 3-0 to Russia's Zenit in the play-offs. Jeff played both games.

There are other players of Haitian origin who have played the UEFA Champions League. Although Presnel Kimpembe (of Haitian origin) has not yet played for Paris Saint-Germain we can expect to see him the team's lineup at least once this 2017-2018 season.


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