Haiti or France National Team Jersey?

If you remove the logo in the front of the jersey most people would understandably mistaken it for a new outfit designed for the France national team as it prominently displays the national colors of that country in the collar. There is little doubt that the white was placed between the red and the blue by mistake or for esthetics. Someone at the FHF is obviously obsessed with France and everything French.

However, if you have been following the national team in the past 4 years you have probably seen worse cases of French imitation and obsession from the guys at the federation haitienne de football (FHF). The so-called national team of Haiti  is often a C-France team that usually features more players from France than Haiti itself. In fact, the current and previous official coaches of the national team are French. They have both been hired in succession with the clear mandate to primarily look for players in France and ignore any players in Haiti.

Shocked yet? Well, there is much more. The current coach lives in France and meets the team a day or two before a match. He does not go to Haiti which he loathes based on his own words. Yet, Mr. Yves Jean-Bart is delighted that he has a 'French' coach even if it means another beating by Jamaica in Port-au-Prince under the watch of Mr. French Coach.

"We should not expect to beat Jamaica", he once said after losing all his three encounters with the rival team and Mr. Yves Jean-Bart agreed that it is okay to accept that we cannot beat Jamaica in Port-au-Prince because the French guy said so. 

And a few months later, Haiti beat Jamaica 2-0 with a different coach. 


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Nahoum replied the topic: #151 4 months 2 weeks ago
they have been playing with that neck thing in many previous maillots. the white t-shirt is the first one where the French flag become so clear. I won't buy any t-shirt under dadou but I would not buy this white t-shirt with french flag even if dadou was not the president.

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