Goreux, Mustivar, and Bazile recuse themselves from Collat's list

Reginald Goreux, Herve Bazile, and Soni Mustivar have recused themselves from Collat's team of foreign-based players and the supporters of the Haiti national teams could not be happier! "Mèsi senyè", one aficionado writes on the Facebook page of Haiti-Tempo. On Twitter, a supporter writes, "krab yo pran konsyans."

Goreux, a very committed player with some good defending skills, has unfortunately not been in the best of form for the past couple years as far as the national team is concerned.  Yet, the Standard Liege player is getting called up for every major encounter with some disastrous results like the big blunder versus Panama in 2015 that robbed the national team of a well-deserved victory. Like many other players from abroad, Goreux' selection is independent of his actual performance.

Why the lack of love for Goreux?

The main reason for the lack of support for Goreux is because most supporters prefer Jean Sony Alcenat, newcomer Carlens Arcus, or someone new from Haiti's local league like 23 year old Mardochee Pompe in the right-back position. Although everyone would agree Goreux was a good defender when he joined the national team in 2011, they would also point out that he has become too unreliable.

Soni Mustivar was another unpopular choice. The midfielder is often blamed for failing to give it his best when playing for the national team. To his credit, Mustivar is never too eager to play for the national team. He often turns down requests to join the team.

Why the lack of love for Mustivar?

Mustivar is a midfielder with almost zero achievement in his record for the national team. He is often accused of not playing for the national team with the same commitment he shows to his MLS club Kansas City. However, the key reason why he is not very much loved is that he occupies a position that almost everyone feels Charles Herold Junior owns. Herold is considered the best choice for the midfield position but he is not a favorite of the FHF because he is considered a local player, a sin that the FHF is never too willing to pardon. 

Herve Bazile is a capable striker and Haiti Sports was the first to bring him to the attention of the public. Bazile has never played for Haiti.

Why the lack of love for Bazile?

The supporters do not like Bazile because he has turned down many calls to join the national team. He is often accused of wanting to be a Frenchman which is an interesting accusation since Bazile is actually a Frenchman who had represented France at youth level! Bazile was actually on the French bench when Haiti met France at the 2007 U-17 World Cup. Honestly, Bazile does not deserve the dislike because it is not his fault if the FHF refuses to accept that the player has not yet warmed up to the idea of playing for a team he feels no real connection with.



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Nahoum replied the topic: #150 4 months 2 weeks ago
Good neither derserved it. in the list the guys who deserve it are placide, alex, arcus, Andrew, lafrance, Zachary (becoz we needed to cap him to steal him from usa and we also need someone who speak japonese with the group), richelors (we needed to cap him like Zachary), Nazon (not great but he is the best striker we know since Dadou won't take the current Haiti leader Bocius), Etienne.

Players I believe who deserve to be on the list are tiga, herold, ade, paulson, babalito, nerlins, selso

players who shouldn't have been on the list are valendi, goreux, alceus, mustivar, herve, desire

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