Kevin Lafrance - a makeover that makes sense

Scoring 3 goals in 4 games at the Europa Cup is a pretty impressive feat for any player. However, this is not just any player we are talking about; this is Kevin Lafrance, a defender at the national team! After blasting the Saint-Joseph of Gibraltar with a brace on 26 June, today it is the Luxembourg club FC Progres that has become his latest victim. Kevin scored in the 88th minute to give his Cyprus club AEL Limassol a well-deserved 2-1 victory.

It should not surprise anyone that Kevin Lafrance is scoring at Europa. Haitian supporters have know the career defender often carries raids in the other side of the field to participate in attacks. His beautiful goal versus Jamaica earlier this year is a reminder of his scoring skills. 

However, Kevin's ongoing transformation to a full scoring force seems to have progressed at a faster pace than expected. In Cyprus, Kevin is already associated more with scoring goals than preventing them!

If this trend continues it will certainly change the dynamics within the national team where the strikers are often criticized for being too shy.

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